Fun and Games

A little friendly competition is a great way to bring energy back into the room and a Jeopardy style or Trivia game proves to be a popular break in any agenda.

Customized question screens and upbeat music provide a game atmosphere while multiple choice questions can test audience knowledge in a category of your choice; a review of key features, a test of new materials, product information, employee benefits or just fun trivia - you decide.

It's fun because everyone plays. Each participant has their own keypad and individual scores are tracked. But teams can also be formed by District, Region, Department or mix them all up.

While you can instantly display cumlative scores for individual and team winners, all results are captured in a data file for future review. Along with seeing how the group has done overall, you have the ability to see specifically who knew what when.

We work with you to customize your game using your fonts, templates, logos and selected music.

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