Participants responding to questions anonymously through wireless handheld devices and see immediately how their responses and opinions match up with peers and colleagues. They remain engaged, interested, active and most importantly, part of the process.

When to Use ARS

  • Actively engage your audience, test knowledge, gather opinions or share information in real-time.
  • Increase attendees' buy-in by giving them the opportunity to be heard and to be a part of the decision-making process.
  • Show respect and appreciation for the expertise audience members possess.
  • Review, discuss, reprioritize objectives and come to consensus in a single day.
  • Illustrate to a group their differing opinions and help them understand how it is impacting their ability to move forward.
  • Offer each individual within a group the opportunity to have equal voice, anonymously.
  • Allow attendees to watch in real-time how their responses and opinions match up with colleagues and other constituents in the room.
  • Make decisions quickly while involving all key stakeholders.
  • Compile an accurate record of the days' proceedings rather than rely on your memory.
  • Document each participants' voting record, electronically.
  • Gather your audience's demographic information.
  • Ensure your audience provides meeting evaluations at the close of an event.
  • " Create a fun, exciting game atmosphere that not only tests comprehension and retention but also provides an energizing team building experience.

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