Audience Response

ARS keeps your audience engaged while allowing you to gather the data needed to achieve important business initiatives. Using wireless hand-held "voting" or polling keypads, audience members can anonymously enter responses and immediately view the group's results in real-time. Participants see immediately how their responses and opinions match up with peers and colleagues. They remain engaged, interested, active and most importantly, part of the process.

ARS allows speakers and presenters to pose multiple-choice questions to audience members throughout an event by projecting them on a screen. Attendees enter answers anonymously, using wireless keypads, and are able to view results within seconds. This means participants can see immediately how their responses and opinions match up with peers and colleagues.

Specific knowledge can be tested, opinions openly discussed, lists prioritized, old and new data compared and evaluations completed. All results are then saved in a database to review and analyze following the event.

EMS Consultants will...

  • Provide all equipment necessary to operate the response system to include; laptops, software and keypads.
  • Strategic guidance with the development of developing questions tailored to a specific audience and goal.
  • Offer assistance for presenters during live demonstrations and dress rehearsals.
  • Provide on-site assistance that includes testing the Audience Response Systems, interfacing with audiovisual equipment, consulting with presenters and making any additions or changes.
  • Deliver a PowerPoint file that illustrates the variety of question types available within our system as well as how they may appear to your audience.
  • Produce printed and electronic reports in Microsoft Excel and/or PowerPoint files that include all data collected.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about our Audience Response services.