Electronic Meeting Services has provided audience response services for hundreds of meetings, ranging in size from 10 to thousands. Any group or organization wishing to learn more from their audience while affording them the opportunity to voice their opinion.

Organizations such as...

  • airlines
  • technology groups
  • boards of directors
  • sales forces
  • hospitals
  • attorneys
  • elections
  • doctors and hospitals
  • continuing education
  • public service agencies
  • financial institutions
  • parent groups
  • public forums
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • And more ...

If your goal is to move participants forward as a unified group and overcome the changes and challenges faced by companies today there is nothing more empowering than allowing them to be a part of the decision-making process.

When audience members are asked to prioritize a list of items and witness first-hand the reasons why items move to the top and others fall to the wayside, 'buy-in' dramatically increases. Research shows that individuals who are a part of the process, are more willing to own the results and take the steps necessary to move an objective forward.

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